‘Agent Carter’ transforms AES Redondo Beach into Roxxon Oil Corporation

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Screenshot from Agent Carter.

screenshot/Marvel's Agent Carter

Screenshot from Agent Carter.

The AES Redondo Beach Generating Station has long served as a backdrop for television and film production in the area, including Transformers, Chuck and 24. The power plant recently made an appearance on the silver screen in the pilot episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter, aired Jan. 6.

In one of the scenes, Agent Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell), tracks a dangerous explosive device to a Roxxon Oil refinery. Sharp-eyed viewers might have noticed the pale green boilers and red-brown floors of the interior of the power plant on Harbor Drive.

Viewers also may have caught a glimpse of two of the power plant’s smokestacks as Peggy and Jarvis race away. (Watch the complete clip below.)

According to the Los Angeles Times, Agent Carter used the pseudonym “Nylon” as it shot scenes at City Hall, Griffith Park and San Pedro, among other locations.

In October, the Redondo Beach Fire Department told My Redondo Beach that a production called Nylon was filming a pilot at AES Redondo Beach. That shoot lasted several days and involved simulated gunfire and explosions.

Check out the gallery above for screen grabs from the episode and photos of the areas used for filming.

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